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NESTLÉ FRUITA VITALS is a brand that inspires the world to be more positive and encourages people to celebrate the positivity around them because every day might not be good but there is something good in every day.

NESTLÉ FRUITA VITALS Premium range is currently available in Chaunsa, Red Grape, Apple, Kinnow, Pineapple, Guava, and Peach. While NESTLÉ FRUITA VITALS Super Premium range is available in Red Anaar that offers the perfect blend of super fruit.



Be it School, college or university, a mundane day or a tiring evening, NESTLÉ NESFRUTA is there for you! It stands for the ideal of NEWISM which encourages young teenagers to bring ‘newness’ in everything they do by adding their own creative unique twist!

NESTLÉ NESFRUTA comes in two most loved flavours – Mango and Apple and tastes absolutely fantastic.

NESTLÉ plays an important role in nourishing the society.

The brand with an ancient historical background, have a look at their story.

Globally renowned, successfully fulfilling needs of people all around the globe.