As a leading workplace management solutions provider across Africa Middle East, Enserv offers our clients improved workplace productivity that supports their success.Our local expertise, global standards and innovative integrated solutions enable us to be the company that supports the best companies across Africa Middle East.We have over 50 years of experience in helping our clients navigate the region’s bewildering scale and complexity, with Africa Middle East consisting of 65 countries and spanning across six time-zones – the land area exceeds that of China, Europe, and the United States combined. It has over a thousand languages and huge diversity in income levels, resource endowment, infrastructure development, educational attainment, and business sophistication.Enserv’s in-depth knowledge of operating across the region is our client’s advantage.


The Enserv Solutions is unique. We are the only workplace management solutions provider across Africa Middle East that offers both:


We have a deeply ingrained understanding of operating in local communities and cultures across Africa Middle East and our people, the essence of our business, are experts in what they do.


We use Global Best Practice systems of Quality Management, Ethics, Health & Safety and environmental protection.