Compliance & Ethics

Enserv is committed to providing a safe, secure and ethical working environment with open, honest and transparent communications.

Our global standards across operational delivery, health and safety, financial management, operational procedures, business transparency, tax and regulatory compliance, labour management ethics and governance, skills building and use of technology all enable us to deliver the highest quality services and provide clients with absolute confidence.

Enserv’s Governance and Ethical Compliance Framework subscribes to the European SAPIN II Laws on transparency, anti-corruption and compliance, the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, as well as the King IV Governance Statutes and UN Global Compact Principles.

Our compliance statement instils ethical business practices in every aspect of its operations, with a zero-tolerance staff policy on any form of dishonest behaviour. Employee calls to our outsourced, anonymous ethics hotline are handled at Board level for immediate investigation. This rule applies across all Enserv operations.

We constantly improve our internal control processes and environment – financial, legal and auditing – to ensure that we maintain leading standards of practice in monitoring internal compliance.

Enserv’s Social Ethics Transformation Committee (SETC) oversees the Group’s alignment to global King IV Codes of Good Corporate Governance on responsibility, accountability, fairness and transparency; the UN Global Compact Principles on human rights, labour, environment and corruption; and local legislation and industry charters